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Moving 101: Hiring Movers vs. The DIY Approach

Getting ready to move to a new apartment? If so, you’ll need to decide whether to hire movers, handle the move yourself, or use a combination of those two approaches. Here are some points to consider in your decision-making process: 

The Cost of Hiring Movers

The cost of hiring movers could be a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on the size of your household and the distance you’re moving. Movers charge more for long-distance moves, but that expense is often worth the convenience of having all of your belongings transported in a single trip. 

Keep in mind that movers may charge extra fees for moves to and from townhomes or apartments that aren’t on the first floor. If you do decide to hire movers, make sure to ask about additional fees. 

If you’re moving from apartments in downtown Indianapolis to apartments on Allisonville Road, you may be able to move your belongings in a few short trips and avoid the expense of hiring movers, but you might also need a truck.

Rental Truck Costs

The base rental fee for a moving truck is often far less than what you’ll actually end up paying. Truck rental companies may charge extra fees for mileage, for returning the truck after a certain time, and for failing to top off the gas tank. The upside of renting a truck, of course, is that you might be able to move in a single trip. 


A professional moving crew of three or four people can complete a local move in about half a day. If you’re moving your own belongings and aren’t renting a truck, it may take a full day or longer. 

A Hybrid Approach

Smaller moving companies may be willing to move just a few items – a washer and dryer, or large furniture pieces, for example. It may be worth the money to leave the heavy lifting to professionals, while you and your friends move the smaller items and boxes. 

Your New Apartment Awaits

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