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Indianapolis ‘StayCation’ Ideas

How to Relax and Unwind at Home

This year hasn’t been a good one for vacation plans, but you can still enjoy some rest and relaxation at home. 7 Pointe Apartments has some tips on how to plan your own staycation!

Create Some Art

If you like to paint, draw, or engage in other crafts, you already know that a creative project can completely take your mind off of the stresses of daily life. Not the artsy type? You can order a coloring book and colored pencils online – coloring someone else’s designs is still relaxing. 

Have a Spa Day

You don’t need to leave your apartment to have a luxurious spa day. Spend some time on a pedicure, relax in a hot bath, and make your own facial mask with ingredients you already have! 

Enjoy a Gourmet Meal

Did you know you could have fresh Maine lobster and clam chowder delivered to your doorstep? Look around online for fancy cuisine that you can enjoy at home. You may even find something locally for your vacation-style home dining experience.  


Vacations help reset the brain and make you feel refreshed. You can achieve a similar effect with meditation. Take a look at podcasts and smartphone apps that walk you through short meditations, and commit to meditating for a few days. 

Self-Care Day

Sometimes, “getting away” means disconnecting from all things digital. Set your phone aside, close your laptop, and avoid the television and radio for a day. Catch up on some reading, or just recline by the pool at 7 Pointe. 

See Your New Home

At 7 Pointe Apartments in Indianapolis, our spacious floor plans provide plenty of room to spread out and relax when you’re at home. If you’re currently in the middle of a staycation, you’ll be glad to know we now offer virtual tours – see your new apartment from wherever you are! Call us at (317) 253-1268 to get details.

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