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How to Telecommute When You Have a Roommate

Whether you work in downtown Indianapolis or in the Castleton area, rush-hour commuting can be a frustrating part of your daily routine. Increasingly, though, workers are avoiding rush hour altogether, because they have the flexibility to work from home part of the day or all day, one or more days a week.

If you’re organized, and you can successfully block distractions, you may find you get a lot more accomplished at home than at the office. If you have a roommate, though, you might have to put some extra effort into minimizing distractions.

Creating a Workspace

It’s easier to stay focused on work when you have a dedicated workspace, but if you put your desk in the living room, you might have to deal with roommate-related distractions and interruptions. A folding privacy screen and a pair of noise-canceling headphones may help you stay focused at your living-room desk.

If you put your desk in your bedroom, you may have trouble falling asleep at night, because your brain may think you’re supposed to be working. Fortunately, some clever Pinterest users have ideas about how to turn a walk-in closet into an office – or, as they call it, a “cloffice.”


A closet-turned-office might technically be part of your bedroom, but if you can close the closet door and make it feel like a separate space, that helps your brain focus on work (and on sleep, when it’s time for bed).

An even better alternative to a closet-office is a separate room that’s just for work. Perhaps you and your roommate could work out an agreement – you upgrade to a three-bedroom apartment, and you pay a larger share of rent in exchange for exclusive use of the third bedroom as your office.

Post Your Office Hours

Your roommate wouldn’t pop into your office building to ask you random questions throughout the day, but when you work from home, you have to train people to not bother you when you’re working.

If you have an office with a door, politely explain to your roommate that when the door is closed, you are “at work;” if you don’t have a door, agree on some other visual cue (a small flag, for example) that when visible on your desk, indicates you’re working.

Find the Right Space

In a spacious apartment with the right layout, you may be able to easily work from home, even when your roommate is home. 7 Pointe (formerly Willowbrook Point Apartments) has two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments with spacious closets – and when you need a change of scenery, you can work in our community media center.

If you have to commute for work, 7 Pointe’s apartments on Allisonville Road are just minutes from downtown and Castleton. Contact us today to get a closer look at our newly remodeled apartments: (317) 344-8161.

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