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7 Pointe Pointers

Choosing Lighting for Your Apartment

When putting together your apartment’s decor and overall style, don’t forget to think about lighting. There’s no shortage of options to choose from, so you can thoughtfully design the exact atmosphere you’re looking to create. While 7 Pointe’s open floor plans and sliding glass balcony doors will keep your apartment well-lit during the day, a thoughtfully planned lighting design can ensure a warm, cozy feel well after the sun goes down.

Customize Your Lighting

Just like your furniture, accessories, and color scheme, your lighting is part of the personality of your apartment. Lamps, shades, and even the type of lightbulbs you use can create a certain atmosphere. 

Once you’ve found your lamps, consider which type of lightbulb would work best. The main lightbulb types are:

  • Incandescent – These have a warm, inviting look and work well with dimmers, but they burn out quickly compared to other kinds of bulbs. 

  • Fluorescent – These are long-lasting, but they often have a cool, flat tone best suited for industrial settings. 

  • CFL – These are energy-efficient spiral-shaped bulbs, but they don’t look the best inside a glass globe or semi-transparent lampshade. 

  • LED – These bulbs strike a balance between warm and cool light and use far less energy than any other bulbs.

Table and Accent Lamps

If you’re looking to add light while complementing your decor, table and accent lamps are an easy way to combine function and style. Whether you choose a novelty lamp to add some whimsy or a decorative designer lamp for a more elegant look, you can reflect your decorating style. Short on table space? Consider accent lamps displayed on bookshelves, or lamps with clamps or hooks to hang over headboards or mirrors.

Floor Lamps 

When space is at a premium or you prefer to keep your tables clear, floor lamps are a great way to add illumination without cluttering up your surfaces. Look beyond the old standby torchiere-style lamp found in every dorm room, and choose interesting and functional pieces that fit in with your style.

Your new home awaits

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