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Apple Picking in Indianapolis

Apples Abound in Indianapolis

One of the highlights of fall in Indiana is the abundance of fall produce. From squash to pumpkins and beyond, there’s plenty to enjoy. But one of the most popular crops is apples. They have a wide variety of uses in many of your fall favorites, like apple pie, apple dumplings, apple cider, and apple donuts. The list could go on, which is why so many people love to take a trip to go apple picking in the orchard. Indianapolis has a few great orchards only a short drive away from the city. Here are the top 3: 

Tuttle Orchards

This orchard is nearly 100 years old, and the same family has been operating it for four generations. They cover acre upon acre of land with their apples, veggies, flowers, and more. Apple picking will be a little limited this year because of the freeze in April, but for the brave and true, you can still come to hunt for the best apples. They have multiple varieties, including: 

  • Cortland

  • Jonathan

  • Red delicious 

  • Gold delicious

The apple picking is wonderful, but Tuttle’s offers much more than that. They have their own cafe, which features what they grow and other locally grown meats and foods. There are other outdoor activities like a kid’s play area, a cut-your-own flower field, and the list goes on.  They also have a storefront, so if you want the apples without the picking, you can still find your apple fix here

Pleasant View Orchard

This orchard has been in use since the 1930s and is owned by the Kemper family. They are all about the apples and offer some unique apple-themed food. They have not only apples and apple cider but also apple butter and apple cider slush. They offer 20 different varieties of apples for you to pick. Some fall favorites would be: 

  • McIntosh

  • Hawaii

  • Golden Supreme

  • Jonagold

This is another orchard with more to offer than apples. They have a concession stand that features freshly fried biscuits with apple butter, a pumpkin patch, and a country store. The country store is home to some farm favorites but also homemade fudge with a long list of flavors. Check out their website for important news and updates before you come to pick. 

Stuckey Farm

Stuckey Farm is north of Indianapolis and a little further out, but its extensive list of activities is sure to provide lots of fall fun to any visitor. You could take a cider press tour, explore a giant pirate ship, and take a ride in pedal cars all in one day. And yes, the pedal cars are suitable for adults, too! If you’re all about the apples, then you can expect to find varieties like: 

  • Jersey Mac

  • Paula Red

  • Royal Gala

  • Swiss Gourmet

They also have a store packed with other fruits and veggies. If you have more of a sweet tooth, then you can grab an apple cider donut to munch on. One of the most unique things about this orchard is that it has its own app you can download to help you plan your visit. 

All of these orchards and farms are an easy drive when you live near Allisonville Road in Indianapolis. 7 Pointe Apartments is in this prime location and is also conveniently close to Binford Boulevard, which means you have access to two main thoroughfares. Are you ready to find your new apartment home? Then you can give us a call at (317)-344-8161.

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