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7 Pointe Pointers

4 Ways to Organize Your Space

Quick Tips for Tidying Up

Looking for something to do? Need to evaluate whether to keep all that stuff in your walk-in closet? Now’s a great time to organize your apartment. Take a look at these four easy tips for creating a more orderly home environment. 

1. Sort the small stuff

Craft organizers with clear lids and multiple compartments are perfect for storing paper clips, thumbtacks, and random items (like those spare buttons that come with button-up shirts). Often, these small items end up jumbled together in a kitchen drawer, but when they’re organized, you can quickly find what you need. 

2. Get rid of clutter

Donate, sell, or ditch things you no longer need, use, or like. If you have a pile of papers on your desk or in a box stashed away in your closet, go through those papers and get rid of the ones you no longer need (but protect your personal information by shredding documents that contain your personal information).

3. Evaluate your storage

Even the tidiest person will have a hard time maintaining order, if they don’t have the right type of storage. In linen closets, you can use large baskets to store complete sheet sets, or matching towels and washcloths. Use under-bed bins to store extra blankets or clothes you won’t need until next season.

4. Make good use of your closets

A large walk-in closet is a nice amenity, but a lot of that space is often wasted. For example, if you’ve got shirts hanging along one wall, how are you using that open space beneath those shirts? Add a short shelving unit to hold shoes or accessories, and you can add more storage solutions to the shelves. 

At 7 Pointe, we have several floor plan options that have ample storage, including a balcony or patio storage closet. Take a look at your new home. Call us at (317) 253-1268.

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Apr 17